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Discover, Nurture,
Inspire, Challenge and
Develop young minds

Kiota School prides itself with providing an environment where learners thrive, we provide interesting activities as well as stimulating lessons. We see Kiota providing a progressive approach to education, following the local system whilst having an international outlook.

At the centre of our approach is to provide a nurturing and Biblically based learning environment that helps the little ones encounter God and learn Christian Principles from early on.

2019 School Term Days

Opening Date

2nd May 2019

Mid Term Date

21st June 2019

Term Closing

7th August 2019

A. Alte Vola

We seek to be the leading, innovative learning institution that nurtures young minds to make the world a better place! Our vision, as esconed in our school motto is Alte Vola (meaning Fly High in Latin)

B. Beyond class

We offer co-curricular activities such as ballet, piano, taekwondo among others to help grow children holistically. Social and emotional well-being facilitates absorption of formally taught content.

C. Curriculum

Kiota School offers an integrated curriculum that borrows from different systems; allowing educators to use different proven methods to assist students achieve exemplary results in their learning process.

News & Blog

We see parents as rightful partners in children's education. Kiota emphasises on the participation of the parent. We are creating a learning community where, just like the children, all adults (teachers & parents) have the opportunity and desire to learn & grow.

October 12

Building Your Child’s Esteem

Children often learn and grow from what they see others do, but they can also benefit from what they are encouraged to do. A child’s mind can be likened to an empty box, whatever is loaded there is what they absorb. It is therefore the responsibility of the parent or guardians to understand how they […]

July 18


The first half of the second term has been awesome at Kiota. We have had time to celebrate our mums and dads for the amazing job they do. Parents are the most influential people in a child’s life. We take time to reflect on the great things parents do for their little ones and say […]

July 18

A Father’s Day Special

A father’s love offers a sense of security in a child’s life that nothing else can beat. The heart of a child is beautifully designed to respond to that love; it’s a connection strong enough to last a lifetime. We let some of our children tell us a few reasons they love dad so much… […]