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A Father’s Day Special

A father’s love offers a sense of security in a child’s life that nothing else can beat. The heart of a child is beautifully designed to respond to that love; it’s a connection strong enough to last a lifetime.

We let some of our children tell us a few reasons they love dad so much…

“I love my dad because he looks good. He takes me anywhere I would like to go. My dad buys me presents and he likes it when I share things with my brother, he also likes it when I obey him. My dad’s favourite colour is light green and he likes to watch nightmare movies. I like it when he comes home early and watches as I play games on TV. I love my dad. Happy father’s day dad! ”

From Natalie to my father,
“I love my father because he is neat. He is a big man and he is 35 years old. We visit his mother every December. My dad’s favorite color is grey and green, he looks good in them. My dad and mum play with me, one time we played rock paper scissors and then hide and seek, it was fun. I love my dad very much, Happy Father’s day. ”

“My name is Etana and I am 7 years old. My dad is the best because he lets me ride his motorbike. He takes me to cool places like GP Karting. Dad gives me everything I need and pays for my school fees. I love my dad”

“When I want to go somewhere dad is always there to take me. He takes me to nice places like to my friend’s house to play. I love dad because he works hard to pay for my school fees. When dad comes home from work, he helps with my homework. Sundays we play together and I have a lot of fun. My dad is special to me and I love him a lot. ”

“My dad is very nice to me. He takes care of me and he loves me a lot. Dad always keeps his word. One day he said that he will go to Kisii and then come home and tell me funny jokes and he did. I love my dad a lot because he does so many things for me; he takes me to school, to the movies, to the mall, and to the hospital. I Love my dad, he means so much to me.”

“I love my father because he helps me with my homework. He always answers my questions and helps me understand things. I sometimes watch TV with him and he makes me smile. My father loves me and he will buy me everything I want. He pays for my school trips and even takes me to trips on an aeroplane. He takes me to hotels to spend days and sometimes nights, together we have lunch and dinner. Sometimes he brings me gifts and food from different places. To make me happy, he works very hard. He also works very hard to buy me big books. And that is why I love my dad.”

“My dad is called Albert Josiah. He used to play the saxophone and he studied in London in a film school. He loves me very much. Once he took me to a Japanese restaurant called Misono. I will never forget that day. I love my dad very much.”

Adam Dossagee
“There are a lot of things I like about my dad. He takes care of me, he buys me nice things and he never beats me. He is the best dad ever.”

Peter Daniels
“I love my dad because he is special to me. He gets me what I want even if it takes too long. He is the best daddy anyone could have.”

To all the dads, we wish you a happy father’s day. With love Kiota school.