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The first half of the second term has been awesome at Kiota. We have had time to celebrate our mums and dads for the amazing job they do.

Parents are the most influential people in a child’s life. We take time to reflect on the great things parents do for their little ones and say a big thank you for:

  • Loving us unconditionally
    Children who grow up not knowing parental love end up with complex emotional issues that they may never resolve throughout their lifetime. This is because parental love is one of the purest love an individual could feel. A parent loves their children unconditionally, all their lives and this is one of the things that builds their character. For all the love you give to your children, thank you.
  • Picking us up when we fall
    If you could look back to your own childhood or even today you will see how many times your parents helped get you back on your feet after you slipped or fell. Over and over parents never tire to pick up their children dust them up and encourage them to try again.
    Children are always learning something new they learn how to walk, run, ride bikes or even grow up and face the grown-up world. Parents are always ready to pick them up when they fall, wipe their tears with love and encouraging them to try again. This is a part, parents play effortlessly and we really appreciate that.
  • Our main cheerleaders
    Children feel wonderful when they put a proud smile on your face. They work hard in little things too and hope you are happy, it is like a little gift they give back for all you do for them. Celebrating as your children flourish in whatever they are good at or are trying to learn means a lot to them. Cheering your children on is one of the things that separates the successful from the not. This is one of the areas we feel Kiota parents deserve bonuses on…
  • For correcting us when we are wrong.
    We can all admit it, none of us ever liked the disciplining process until we learned why it was so important. Taking your time to correct your child is one of the most loving things you could ever do. Although they may not see it when it happens, children learn to appreciate all the timeouts and the tears eventually. This is part of the building blocks that shape your child to a successful grown up in the future.
  • For making our houses a home
    Our parents made our houses feel homely and you continue to make your children feel at home with all the warmth you give, for this Kudos…
  • For working so hard to give us the best
    This goes without saying, thank you for all the hours of hard work. For the sacrifices, you have had to make along the way and for the continuous drive, you have to make sure your children get the best. You are appreciated.