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Nurturing Young Minds

Kiota School Kindergarten is a child centered institution that offers an integrated curriculum that borrows from different systems. This in effect entrenches versatility in readiness for a dynamic world.

At the centre of our approach is to provide a nurturing and Biblically based learning environment that helps the little ones encounter God and learn Christian Principles from early on.

All lessons will cater to the child’s physical, intellectual, language, emotional and social development. At the end of the child’s kindergarten experience, they will be able to join a primary school of choice due to their exposure to a well-rounded foundation.

We have chosen to work with both didactic and ICT tools delivered using Christian ethos.

The Nests - Our Kiota Classes

Robin Nest: Ages 2-3 Years

The little Robins are our playgroup bunch! Here they learn basic independence skills, do art and craft, socialize and play with their peers.

Penguin Nest: Ages 3-4 Years

Our cute and cuddly penguins get a solid foundation on their literacy and numeracy skills, cultural knowledge, and refinement of senses.

Parrot Nest: Ages 4-5 Years

Talkative parrots refine their Literacy and Numeracy skills, Cultural knowledge, Self-expression, as well as Creativity.

Eagle Nest: Ages 5-6 Years

Set to fly away to Primary School, our brilliant eagles are prepared adequately for the take-off – their academic, socio-emotional and physical capabilities refined.

Our Kindergarten is located on Dennis Pritt Road, Kilimani and caters for children of ages 2 – 6 years. Our classes are age based as follows: Playgroup (2-3yrs), KG1 (3-4yrs), PP1 (4-5yrs), PP2 (5-6yrs).

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Kiota School

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Dennis Pritt Rd Opp. Red Cross
Nairobi Kenya

Kindergarten: +254 (0) 719 532 989 / +254 (0) 798 703 101

Primary: +254 (0) 798 702 500 or +254 (0) 724 535 858

Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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Kiota School Kindergarten offers an integrated curriculum that borrows from different systems. An Integrated curriculum allows educators to use different proven methods to assist students achieve exemplary results in their learning process.

We integrate the Kenyan CBC system with the Montessori system.

The Kenyan CBC system

Our current Kenyan education is academic based. It therefore requires that children are adequately prepared academically as they enter Primary level. We have formulated lessons for each age based class in order that they attain the required standards to this end.


The Montessori method has been and is very popular around the world with early childhood professionals and parents. It is designed to support the natural development of children in a well-prepared environment.

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