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Robotics. It is a branch of engineering that involves the conception, designing, construction, manufacturing, and operation of machines called robots. Robotics education intertwines with electronics, computer science, artificial intelligence, mechatronics, nanotechnology, big data, programming, sensors, and bioengineering.

The Robotics program is now offered at Kiota School in partnership with The Nairobi Robotics group. The program combines science, arts and technology (STEAM) with Hands-On-Learning through Play. Play is a language that young people use in their everyday life, and one that they enjoy seamlessly. Combining robotics tools with play to teach steam makes it easier for the student to learn.

For a duration of 8 weeks, cumulatively engaging with the team for 16hrs, the children will learn:

  • To think outside the box, imagine, engineer, and build machines that are called robots.
  • To explore and make their robots automatic so they can move, turn, sense things around them, run, play soccer, compete doing the tasks they programme them to do.
  • Basic programming/coding and enjoy commanding the robots to solve day to day problems.
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