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What about Love?

As we wrap up with this term’s Bible theme L.O.V.E; it does not conclude the numerous and never-ending lessons the children can learn from love as well as us adults. I am particularly happy about this term’s theme song which you have heard the children sing numerous times at home if it doesn’t already exist in your head. It encourages them to love one another, be kind to everyone; family, friends and strangers. You could actually listen to it again with them as you read this. John 15:12 says; “This is my commandment; love each other in the same way I have loved you.” Even as we look forward to a new term, may we not grow weary of; teaching love, practicing love, giving love, receiving love, emulating love to your children, expecting love, expressing love and just loving in general. How do we teach them to love?
Despite the short holiday, so much can be done in terms of cultivating love such as;

1. Emulating love in every single thing you do or say
We all know that children pay attention to the things we do or say or lack of and copy them. Through numerous sessions with the Transform Nations team, this is something that is said over and over again and I’m sure you have experienced it before in your own home. Show them how to treat people with kindness even when the other person is not necessarily being as kind.

2. Express your love to them
As parents we know how vital this is to the children and I believe we do express our love to them whether in speech or actions. I personally have heard several “I love yous”, seen hugs and kisses given at the parking lot and even praying together before they go to class. It is such a blessing to behold such immense love being bestowed to the children which we also see expressed to their fellow students and teachers. Through our expression of love to them (both parents and teachers), they are free and able to express it to people around them.

3. Receiving love
Often, we are told love is to be given but we are not told enough times that it is to be received too. This can come in several forms from us or from the children and vice versa. In whatever form this love comes in, be ready and willing to receive it, appreciate it, encourage it and cherish it. It goes without saying that our children love as just as much as we love them or possibly even more; in this regard let us keep encouraging them and affirming them.

Enjoy the holiday. Love fiercely, love loudly, love proudly, love boldly, love totally. Love.
We love you all Kiota Family. Be blessed.

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